Dr. Jacqueline Hannam

Senior Research Fellow in Pedology Centre for Environment and Agricultural Informatics

Jack joined Cranfield University in 2004 as a Research Officer in Soil Systems. Before joining Cranfield she worked at ETH Zurich and the University of Liverpool on international projects related to environmental magnetism.  She currently leads the Soil Informatics group at Cranfield University, who are also responsible for the national soil survey data for England and Wales.

Research interests

Jack’s research in soil science focuses on soil data, soil property prediction and mapping, and soil health. Her research focuses on using machine learning approaches in digital soil mapping, applications of conservation agriculture to improve soil health, developing decision support tools for planning soil and landscape decisions, and the application of application of national and local scale soil data for policy and business applications.

Current Projects and Collaborations

LandIS: Land Information System for England and Wales (Defra)

Predictive Agricultural Land classification (Welsh Government, ADAS, Environment Systems)

Soil health and cover crops (University of Reading)

Dr. Jacqueline Hannam's papers