Hanqi Zuo

UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology


Towards the next generation probabilistic flood forecasting system for the UK


  • Dr. Steven Wells
  • Dr. Steven Cole
  • Dr. Xilin Xia
  • Prof David Hannah
  • Dr. Shasha Han 

PhD Summary

Probabilistic flood forecasting can enhance decision-making, such as flood early warning, by offering a better understanding of uncertainty and risk. My project aims to develop a spatially variable probabilistic flood forecasting model at high-resolution. To achieve this aim, the project will link different types of models(ie, weather forecast, rainfall-runoff, and flood inundation models), and utilise a Bayesian uncertainty quantification frame work. The flood forecasting model will be balidated by data from past flood events. The project will help to deliver the much-needed fundamental research to support governments and businesses across the UK  to become more flood resilient. 

Previous activity

I was working in China in an assurance company on analysis of flood risk management. 

Why did you choose doctoral research?

I want to get deeper understand the hydro climate risk like flooding risk. And I want to do research work and enhance my knowledge and capacity. 

Why did you choose CENTA?

This is a great organisation aiming to develop well-rounded students confident in a wide range of scientific, research, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills. I will be equipped with not only specialist and technical expertise in my research field, but also the ability to translate research into impact the society.