CENTA offers studentships through two main pathways.  You can apply directly to a project, or, if eligible, you can apply directly for one of our Science Opportunity Scholarships (or both).  The routes have different eligibility criteria and application deadlines which can be found in our How to Apply pages.

CENTA recognises that a diversity of pathways through education exist and that there may be challenges to studying for a PhD alongside other personal commitments.  If disclosed,  circumstances that may have taken time away from study and thus limited the candidate‚Äôs opportunity to demonstrate their full educational potential (for example through parental leave, other caring responsibilities, ill-health, disabilities or the need to engage in paid work alongside study) will be taken into consideration by the supervisors, host institution recruitment teams and the CENTA board.  Each application will be considered individually. For more information read our pages on student support and equality, diversity and inclusion.

Apply for a research opportunity

There are two main pathways to a CENTA studentship with slightly different application processes.

Student and training support

There are a wide range of support options available to you as a postgraduate student at CENTA.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We strive to keep equality, diversity, and inclusion at the heart of every step of our programmes.