Our structured but flexible training program will provide you with the research skills you will need during your PhD projects and the transferable skills for your onward careers.

We will prepare you for many different career paths after your PhD, through multi-disciplinary training that complements and supplements your supervisor-led training in specific research and technical skills. 

CENTA’s training programme is organised into four categories: Research management; Engagement, impact, and enterprise; Personal effectiveness; Theme science and technical skills. 

During your PhD you will create a personalised training plan that will cover all four of these categories.  Some of our sessions are mandatory, especially in your first year; then become increasingly optional in later years to suit your evolving training needs.

Many of the sessions are delivered by our PhD supervisors, others by external experts. Training will also be delivered by our external end-user partners, who will show you how to apply your training and skills to solving real-world problems.

Highlights of our training programme include:

  • A week-long residential trip (usually to Tenerife*) to introduce you to some of the highlights and challenges that you will face during your PhD and to provide you with useful skills. * COVID restrictions may affect the trip.
  • A series of real-world challenges set by our end-user partners that will require you to work in teams to develop creative multi-disciplinary solutions.
  • A funded 2 week work placement with a non-academic host organisation towards during your PhD to provide you with experience that suits your personal career goals.  We will provide you with help in choosing and contacting your host organisation.

Our aim is for all our training sessions to be accessible and inclusive to all. We work closely with all our PhD students and training providers to realise this aim. If you have any questions about our training programme, please contact our Training Fellow, Dr. Stephanie Smith.