Management team

The Management Team for CENTA are chosen from a range of our partner institutions.


Dr. Sarah Greene


Associate Professor of Palaeoclimates
University of Birmingham

Dr. Tiffany Barry

Head of Analytical Services
University of Leicester

Dr Tom Matthews profile picture

Dr. Tom Matthews

Senior Research Fellow University of Birmingham

Dr Luke Mander

Dr. Luke Mander

Senior Lecturer in Earth
The Open University

Robin Allaby profile picture

Prof. Robin Allaby

University of Warwick

Prof. Stephen Hallett

Professor of Applied Environmental Informatics
Cranfield University

Dr. Abdou Khouakhi

Lecturer in Remote Sensing
Cranfield University

Dr. David Ryves

Reader in Environmental Change
Loughborough University

Dr. Jeremy Harrison

National Centre for Earth
University of Leicester

Dr. Jonathan Naden

BUFI Team Leader
British Geological Survey

Dr Cendric Laize

Dr. Cedric Laize

Hydro-ecological Modeller
UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Dr. Louise Whitehouse

Education and Staff Development Manager
National Centre for
Atmospheric Science