Bronty Layton

The Open University


Tropical forest carbon, habitat structure and faunal biodiversity: implications for conservation


  • Dr Kadmiel Maseyk
  • Dr Julia Cooke
  • Dr Philip Wheeler
  • Dr Dan Exton 

PhD Summary

Looking into carbon and its relationship to faunal biodiversity across a tropical forest ecosystem, and how carbon stores in the forest are influenced by factors such as altitude. I will be looking at a long-term dataset gathered by Operation Wallacea, of tree measurements, along with looking into soil and litter carbon, liana abundance, and the correlated faunal biodiversity.  

Previous activity

Before my PhD, I did a BSc and MRes, along with two seasons as an ecologist, and working as a barista.  

Why did you choose doctoral research?

I would like to further my skills as a researcher, and I believe that a research project of this length, with the associated training opportunities, will enable me to pursue the career I want. 

Why did you choose CENTA?

The project was the main factor influencing me to apply for a CENTA studentship- the project looked like it would suit me and my research interests, and the partners in the project also aligned with my ideas. Additionally, I met a scientist when I was an undergraduate who suggested the best career option is to build as many connections as possible through networking, and a PhD with lots of links, such as those funded through the CENTA DTP, would be a great opportunity for building my career. 

Future plans

I would like to continue in conservation research, whether in academia or NGO, and I believe this PhD will equip me with the skills I need to be a successful researcher. I also believe the combination of training through CENTA and my host university will equip me with skills I might not have access to without both parties.