Photo of a woman standing against a plain background.

Chenlu Yang

University of Birmingham


Flood futures: how is flood hazard risk evolving in the UK?


  • Dr Shasha Han (University of Birmingham) 
  • Dr Joshua Larsen (University of Birmingham) 
  • Dr Louise Slater (University of Oxford) 
  • Dr Fraser Lott (UK Met office) 
  • Mr Jamie Hannaford (UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology) 
  • Dr Ed Pope (Lighthill Risk Network) 

PhD Summary

Floods pose a significant threat in the UK, causing extensive damage to both people and property. This project seeks to employ statistical methods to assess the varying impacts of different factors on floods across a diverse range of UK catchments. Additionally, it aims to evaluate future flood risks by considering the combined effects of climate change and alterations in land cover within high-risk catchment areas. This research will contribute valuable insights into addressing challenges posed by climate change and urban expansion, offering a scientific foundation for sustainable development and effective flood management strategies. 

Previous activity

Before starting doing my PhD, I worked in Zhejiang Provincial Seaport Investment & Operation Group Co., Ltd as an data analyst. I completed my undergraduate education at Tamkang University, majoring in statistics, and pursued my Master’s degree in Data Science at UCL. 

Why did you choose doctoral research?

After engaging in various jobs and internships, I have come to the realization that my true passion lies in exploring the world and addressing real-world challenges. Pursuing a PhD seems to be the ideal path for me, offering the opportunity to delve into in-depth research on topics I am truly interested in. 

Why did you choose CENTA?

CENTA offers diverse training courses and provides unique opportunities to collaborate across institutes.  

Future plans

Currently, I haven’t decided whether to pursue a career in academia or industry. However, I am certain that I want to work in a field related to environmental science. The training offered by CENTA and the University of Birmingham will be beneficial for either career path.