Ellis Hammond

British Geological Survey


Advancing the development and application of spatial decision support tools for the sustainable reuse of brownfield land


Dr Darren Beriro (BGS)
Prof. Frederic Coulon (Cranfield)
Dr Steve Hallett (Cranfield)
CASE Partners: Prof. Russell Thomas (WSP)
Drew Hardy (Groundsure)
Richard Boyle (Homes England).

PhD Summary

My PhD project is aiming to develop geospatial decision support tools for brownfield redevelopment applications. This involves the use of various numerical and geospatial modelling methods to characterize and quantify ground risk and model land-use scenarios with the aim of bringing brownfield land back into beneficial use.

Previous activity

In 2018 I completed an MSci (Hons) Degree in Geology at University of Birmingham, including an international year at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada. My MSci project focussed on the application of 3D visualisation and modelling in the geological mapping process and was co-supervised by British Geological Survey. Following this, I worked as a Geo-Environmental Consultant carrying out ground investigations and supervising remediation projects on brownfield sites with a variety of contamination and land instability issues.

Why did you choose doctoral research?

The scope of the PhD project was the deciding factor for me, being able to combine my academic interests with my experience in contaminated land management. I wanted to be part of this multi-discipline research topic and be able to contribute to solving important issues in our society.

Why did you choose CENTA?

Being part of such a diverse and well-resourced consortium was definitely a big factor. Having access to the variety of training and resources that CENTA provides benefits both the project and my professional and personal development. Being part of CENTA allows me to be part of a community of other doctoral researchers which adds a new perspective to the research that I would not otherwise have.

Future plans

Being based at the British Geological Survey allows me to conduct my research alongside world-leading experts, enhancing my skills and understanding. This will enable me to further my career within the environmental science discipline, either in an academic research setting or in industry.