Photograph of a woman holding a bow and arrow.

Katie Baumer

University of Leicester


Relating Changes in Melt Genesis to Dynamic Conditions of the Demise of a Continental Arc; Antarctic Peninsula Arc


  • Tiffany Barry
  • Cat Greenfield
  • Dan Smith
  • Phil Leat
  • Teal Riley
  • John Smellie 

PhD Summary

The project will be primarily looking at better understanding geochemical variation, temporally and spatially in relation to the changing dynamics through the demise of the arc – ridge-subduction and subsequent slab window formation. And using this to construct a 3D model of the tectonics over time.  

Previous activity

I completed an MGeol at the University of Leicester, my masters projected focused on the Antarctic Peninsula and worked as a preliminary study for my PhD. 

Why did you choose doctoral research?

I have always loved the challenge of research, of piecing together the story from existing research and new data to better understand what I’m looking at. It was a great opportunity to get where I want to, to get experience and training. 

Why did you choose CENTA?

CENTA offer a lot of opportunities for training, and I really like that aspect of it. It gives me as many opportunities as possible to learn and grow. 

Future plans

In the future I’m hoping to become a lecturer/researcher, I’m hoping that I can gain plenty experience working with students and have training opportunities to help as a career researcher.