Lai Wing profile

Lai See Wing, Belle

University of Warwick


Environmental maternal effects and intergenerational inheritance


Dr Andre Pires da Silva, University of Warwick

PhD Summary

My PhD project studies how environmental signal affects the germline of nematodes, which eventually changes the phenotype of their progeny, using Auanema freiburgensis as a model.

Previous activity

Before my PhD, I worked as a research assistant in the University of Hong Kong in 2021, studying liver cancer. I graduated with distinction from Imperial College London studying MSc Reproductive and Developmental Biology in 2020, and I own a BSc in Applied Biology.

Why did you choose doctoral research?

I believe Doctoral Research is a necessary training to improve my independent research ability and a valuable opportunity to receive in-depth training in how to approach a research topic.

Why did you choose CENTA?

I was able to find a project in the CENTA studentship that perfectly aligns with my passion and experience in studying epigenetics and maternal effect. The studentship also provides trainings and opportunities to establish a network with other researchers in different universities.

Future plans

Spending four years in CENTA and University of Warwick to obtain a PhD degree is my first step in pursuing a research-based career. The skills and experience I gain here will make me well-prepared before I officially enter the industry as a postdoc.