Head and shoulders photo of a woman, with a wall with posters behind.

Mars Poxon

University of Warwick


The behaviour of polymer colloids in freshwater flow environment


  • Prof. dr. ir. Stefan Bon
  • Dr Soroush Abolfathi

PhD Summary

The fate, transport, and accumulation of nano and microplastics have been gaining notoriety over the past decade due to the increasing presence of microplastics polluting many ecological environments. My project aims to create a range of polymer nano plastics of various composition, where I will then use these to track polymer behaviour in freshwater environments. Were finally I will develop water environmental models to ascertain temporal and spatial nano plastic accumulation, degradation and its impacts. Innovations need to be made produce model systems that can accurately predict the fate and transport of these microplastics both in the short and long term to begin clearing our waters from these polluters.

Previous activity

Before my PhD I completed my bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at the university of Warwick. During this I underwent a summer project within the chemistry labs of my current supervisor which allowed me to bridge the gap between biology and chemistry.

Why did you choose doctoral research?

Throughout my bachelor’s degree, I felt there was a lack of engaging and challenging lab work, driven by my summer project experience I thought a PhD would be a great opportunity to strengthen my skills. My current project also has potential to overlap with previous work completed on characterisation of biofilms I studied during by dissertation.

Why did you choose CENTA?

CENTA offers a variety of internal and external programs and courses that helps to strengthen the PhD students it produces. This would allow me to explore topics and techniques I would never have had the chance to do.

Future plans

Whilst I don’t have any specific plans for my future carer yet, I would definitely like to remain in the lab. I look forward to my continued collaboration with CENTA to see what further opportunities can arrive.