Dr. Jonathan Naden

BUFI team leader British Geological Survey

  • 2006 : Team Leader, BGS University Funding Initiative
  •  2003 : Economic geologist and minerals geoscientist
  •  2001 –2002 : EU Marie Curie Fellow, University of Athens
  •  1989 –2000 : Mineralogist and isotope geochemist
  •  1987 –1988 : BP Minerals International
  •  1983 –1986 : PhD University of Aston, Gold mineralisation

Research interests

  • CO2 sequestration by mineralisation
  • Mineralisation and magmatism
  • Remote sensing, GIS and mineral exploration
  • Weathering of mineral deposits

Current Projects and Collaborations

  • Airborne remote sensing and natural hazards and resources, Greece (University of Hull)
  • Carbonate mineralisation in ophiolites as natural analogues for carbon dioxide sequestration, United Arab Emirates (University of Leicester)
  • Exploration for secondary copper deposits, Cyprus (Camborne School of Mines & the Natural History Museum)
  • Novel applications of airborne LiDAR and multispectral data for high-resolution geological mapping, Cyprus (University of Leicester)
  • Porphyry copper mineralisation, Greece (Kingston University & University of Athens)
  • Rare earth element resources in the UK
  • Tectonics, magmatism and mineralisation, Solomon Islands (University of Leicester)

Dr. Jonathan Naden's papers