Dr Tiffany Barry

Deputy Director of CENTA / Head of Analytical Services University of Leicester

With a background in geochemistry, my research interests include mantle dynamics and intraplate magmatism as well as volcanology and impact events. I love getting out in the field to remote destinations, but also really enjoy playing with 3D computer models and spending time in the lab. Because of my geochemical and analytical expertise, I have also been lucky enough to supervise projects outside my own research interests, for example on ore deposits, the Anthropocene and advances in analytical capabilities.

Research interests

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My research focuses on questions of:

  • mantle geodynamics
  • volcanology and
  • geochronology

and includes studies on:

  • long-term isotopic signatures in the mantle
  • Tethyan and Rheic Ocean crust chemistry
  • mantle convection, using 3D spherical numerical models
  • intraplate magmatism, especially across Central Asia
  • using geochemistry as a tool to understand emplacement of pyroclastic density currents
  • improving our understanding of Ar-dating

Dr Tiffany Barry's papers